Employment Opportunities


Ultra Protection, Inc. is an "equal opportunity" employer. It is our policy to provide equal opportunities for employment to qualified applicants, in accordance with the needs of the department, without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, pregnancy, veteran status, or physical or mental ability, or any other basis prohibited by law.

Applicant Requirements

1. Must be 18+ years of age
2. High School diploma or GED
3. Must be a legal U.S. Citizen
4. Must be able to read and write the English language
5. Absolutely No Disqualifying Criminal Background, per DPS-PSB regulation (deferred adjudication constitutes conviction)

* Note: Other conditions may apply...

Licensing Requirements

UPI is regulate and licensed through the Texas Dept. of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau. Certain positions within this firm require state licensing. If the position you are applying for requires state registration or licensing, the following items are required at the expense of the applicant, without exception:

Requirement Fee

Pre-employment drug testing

$ 8 - refunded to applicant, upon favorable outcome

National Background Check / Investigation

$ 19 - refunded to applicant, upon favorable outcome

State Licensing

$ 15 - $ 58 (non-refundable)

* Note: Certain items may be payroll deducted, with approval. Pricing is subject to change without notice...

U.P.I. takes pride in the fact that we truly are a "cut above" the competition. If you would be interested in becoming part of the "team," we welcome you to submit an online "pre-application" by clicking on the link below...




If you have previously filled out an application using this system, please by clicking the "Log In" link UPDATE your existing application instead of submitting a new application each time you apply for a position.


Please DO NOT submit a new application EACH TIME you apply for a position on our site. Please follow the below instructions to instead update your existing application to apply it to other open positions.

To revise your online application or to apply your existing application to new Ultra Protection, Inc. postings, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to http://upisecurity.hirecentric.com
  2. If you have logged in before, enter your email address and password. If you have not logged in before or you have forgotten your password, select the "Click here to request your password" link and enter the email address that you used when you applied. The system will then validate the email address against yours and either 1) send you your password by email or 2) tell you that the email address could not be verified.
  3. Once you receive your password, use the login screen to access the system and edit your application.
  4. Make any necessary updates to your personal information. To apply for new jobs, just go to the section under Personal Information that lists the jobs for which you are applying. Go to the next blank line and select the appropriate job from the drop-down menu, then click "Continue to Next Page."
  5. Answer any required questions, and then submit your revised application.


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